Fine Art Watercolours

Passionate about traditional art with delicate fine detail, Darren Graham’s original watercolours step away from moderism.  Focused on a style that would have been popular 200 years ago, each unique piece is the artists incredibly lifelike interpretation.

Fine Art Watercolour Of Lutyens Garden Steps Descending At Heywood House, Abbeyleix, County Laois. By Darren Graham of Ephraim Art Studio

Lutyens Garden Steps Descending At Heywood House, Abbeyleix, County Laois

(See also the Lutyens Garden Steps ascending further down the page.)

Creative inspiration comes from music, nature, the Laois county side, animals and the intersection of “nature and human”.   Darren then translates these ideas into beautifully detailed fine art watercolour paintings.

Fine Art Watercolours Irish Wildlife


Fine Art Watercolours Perfectly Ireland

Capturing the beauty and delicacy of classical Irish imagery newly imagined through Darren’s eye.  Pieces in this series often capture how nature and humankind come together.

Fine Art Watercolours Animal Portraiture

Pets are usually much loved four-legged family members.  Their spirit and nature, (and cuddles) give our families much love and warm our homes, laps and feet.

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Fine Art Watercolours Irish Landscapes

The beautiful Laois countryside provides much of the inspiration for landscapes.  With so many beautiful traditional gardens and castles these beautiful pieces bring the view indoors, irrespective of the what the weather is doing outside.

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Fine Art Watercolours Abstract Compositions

Drawing on what the real world looks like, abstract paintings uses composition, colour, perspective and more, to create something that is new and different.  “Neil And Me”, for example, was inspired by Neil Young’s Harvest Moon album and this composition reminds Darren of his father.


Fine Art Portraits

Inspired by some of rocks musical heros, this selection of portraits graces the walls of a musical institution in Clondalkin, County Dublin.

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